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Soon, WhatsApp will reportedly launch a new feature that will likely take the dating game to a whole new level. If implemented, you won’t have to go through the awkward swapping of contact number with your crush. The new WhatsApp feature will allow you to share contact details with QR codes. As per a report by WABetainfo. Once ready, this will end the need to share your number digit-by-digit with anyone. Instead of that, you will be able to do that just by sending a QR code. WABetainfo said on its website, “WhatsApp is working right now on a new feature that allows to quickly add contacts directly in the application. It was already possible in the past, but WhatsApp wanted to start to redesign this functionality on IOS and Android, making it easier to use.

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For example, you could:. Have you used a QR code yourself in a promotion? What wording of results did you get? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

It’s the first and only tool to look up the production date of any brand name battery. Find out when your cell was produced just by entering part of the code.

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With the novel coronavirus wreaking havoc, QR Code powered solutions have come to our rescue. China has used QR Codes as a way to filter visitors at checkpoints. Singapore is using QR Codes to ensure contatcless visitor entry and to facilitate community-driven contact tracing. Across the globe, QR Codes are being used in contactless delivery, contactless pickup and most importantly contactless payments.

Given the increase in demand for a safe way to keep consumers engaged, the QR Code market is expected to see a massive surge.

These include using QR codes while on a job search, for online dating, party planning, and many others! Job Search. This may or may not work, but with the job.

A QR Quick Response code is nothing more than a two-dimensional barcode. Such code was designed to be read by robots that keep track of items produced in a factory as well as for monetary transaction purpose. Modern smart phones can easily read QR codes, a camera and software is all it takes. Some apps, such as banking apps, E-wallets, etc. In other cases, the QR code is used as part of a login process.

QR codes are easy to generate but difficult to distinguish. In the eyes of most humans, they all look alike.

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Going to the chapel? These are the perfect sticker to let friends and family know to SAVE THE SPECIAL DATE. Personalized 2 inch square with a QR Code that.

You, or the men, can take the first step, but you always love who cancel start a conversation with you. Your exact location and your personal data love secret. Forget the traditional dating services, download-based dating apps or complicated flirt chats. Please send app or sites to: android lovelyapp. Change Language. Downloads 5k – click at this page 25k. Version 6.

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Like this free tool? Please support us by sharing it with your friends. Everyone with an battery should look up its production date before using it. It’s the first and only tool to look up the production date of any brand name battery. Find out when your cell was produced just by entering part of the code found on its PVC wrapper.

reliable QR codes and high-end AR technology. Download the free 3DQR App and scan 3DQR codes to experience augmented reality.

The origin of the word “QR” comes from English and is an abbreviation of the words: “Quick Response”, which can be translated as a fast response. In the following, you will learn that it is exactly that. QR code sample can be seen on the left. So you could read the code, so it needs QR reader, which is the Internet to download large amounts. Most of them are free. The second thing you need is a mobile phone with a camera and an internet connection. If you connect to the Internet via the phone in places with wifi coverage such as cafes, libraries, restaurants and pay nothing to the mobile operator, so you reader lets you scan QR codes, and then once you have a connection, so you can look at the content.

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QR codes are dead, an internet marketing strategist wrote in AdAge in The murderer: “easier-to-use apps. And yet, four years later, that isn’t the case.

scan the QR code with your phone. You’ll see the card owner’s profile – without sharing any of your information.

It also allows users, solution providers and GS1 Member Organisations to easily view, search and share details about individual Application Identifiers through web-browsers or on a mobile device. Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of your visit? Thank you for your feedback! Were you able to find the information you were looking for on our website? GTIN of contained trade items. Batch or lot number.

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But, with QR codes, marketers can finally understand which marketing campaigns are performing well based on the number of scans. Just like other traditional marketing channels, QR codes help analyze engagement and conversion rates when placed on direct mail. Consumers who have scanned the QR code can also be retargeted online on Google and Facebook. Inkit, an automated direct mail marketing company, has come up with a few guidelines on how you can maximize your ROI with QR codes on direct mail.

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AR — A new age.

WhatsApp contact share with QR code: This feature to take dating game to a whole new level

This is a new product making for ease in forming relationships without being embarrassed by a turn-down. February 13, Newswire. Dating-Techno Dating is a concept for a smart phone app that helps single people find a suitable date. It is designed to provide single men and women interested in forming a relationship or simply casual dating with a technologically advanced means of finding a date.

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Forget about your company for a minute just for a minute and think about yourself. Why not use QR code branding to enhance your own image? With all the technology available today there are a number of opportunities for smart use of QR codes to help yourself out. These include using QR codes while on a job search, for online dating, party planning, and many others! Try putting a QR code on your resume. Now all your basic info and job history should already be on your resume, so why not have the QR code link your potential employer to some other important information about you.

It could link to your blog, or maybe to a newspaper article about that award you won at your last company, or a simple about me page, even a collection of your work samples, the possibilities are endless. Of course, this seems a little more fruitful if you are already looking for a job in the technology field.

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